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We have designed this page to make getting your engagement portraits as easy as possible. You can book and pay for your session right here.


We offer two different types of shoots; In Studio and on On Location. We explain the differences below.



In Studio Full Session                     <Book a Session>

    Cost: Included in Any Wedding Package

              $50 Stand Alone Session


This session includes up to an hour of in studio session time with one of our staff photographers. We have a variety of different backgrounds for a unique look to your images.




Outdoor Session                              <Book a Session>

    Cost: Included in Any Wedding Package

               $50 Stand Alone Session

               $50 Mainland Corpus Christi

               $75 The island or up to 25 miles outside of Corpus Christi


               Other locations are priced accordingly and we are happy to

                 travel to the location of your choice.


This session includes up to an hour of on location session time with one of our staff photographers at a location of your choice. We can also suggest a location for you if you need some ideas.

What to Wear


Below is a list of clothing recommendations:


Casual, glamour, personality and contemporary poses are to show the real you!


Some ideas for what to wear:

With a simple background and neutral colors, a bright pair of heels look great


A beautiful necklace helps balance a lower-cut neckline and adds interest to the composition, without upstaging the ring.


If you have a part of your body you're intent on showing off, go for it! Have fun with a shorter hemline and keep your leg line even longer with nude pumps, then have your photographer capture the perfect shot to show off your stems — or whatever that feature may be.


If your shoot involves being active or playful outdoors, let your clothes speak to that same easy vibe.


Save your wedding dress for your big day, of course! But there's something so romantic about a pretty white dress. It's a bit bridal and foreshadows the joy to come.


If you're thinking about an active shoot, where you'll be lifted or carried, think about coverage. You don't want to be wearing a minidress when he's scooping you up, and you want to feel like you. If jeans and boots are more your thing, don't be afraid to stick to what works.


While you don't want to look like twins, you do want the photo to feel even, and it will be even easier to find light that flatters you both if you're dressing in the same color family.


A floaty dress can look gorgeous from the right angles. Play up an asymmetrical hemline with a shot of you and your fiancé walking.


Your engagement shoot should be a reflection of who you are. If you and your fiancé are the outdoorsy type, show that side of yourselves with comfortable clothing that's, again, just slightly coordinated.


Remember that a shot from the back can be just as stunning as one from the front when you have details  to show off. It's also another example of how romantic a white dress can be for the shoot.


It can depend on the setting, but wearing a bright patterned dress in a more stark location can really be the perfect way to stand out in your pictures. Choose a silhouette and a print that flatters you, but don't be afraid to bring the brights. It can look particularly striking if your man dons a classic suit.


If you're taking those close-up shots, remember what's in focus. Sometimes, it's all about the small details, like a necklace that picks up the colors in his shirt, that makes all the difference. Here, too, it's about the fit of the blouse. You don't want anything that's going to reveal too much, but you don't want to get lost in an oversize blouse, either. Remember, fit counts too!


Play up the classic romance with a shot with girlie, ladylike silhouettes, like a full skirt or a fit-and-flare dress. They'll look even better when they move.


If you're feeling more glamorous, show off your best looks with a fancy cocktail dress. A richly hued party dress is going to look even better next to his black-and-white suit.


These are just a few items to consider as you decide on the look of your engagement shoot.

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